Hair Tips

  • Always get your hair trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks to get rid of split ends
  • Using a growing hair system shampoo and conditioner like,” Nioxin” or Kevin Murphy which we sell in Salon. This really works
  • Supplements like prenatal vitamins, Vitamin B complex and fish Oils, Biotin 1000 mg a day. Borage oil or prim Rose oil really helps if you’re in pre menapuase. It balances out your hormones and your hair.
  • Make sure you are doing a deep conditioning treatment for 20 min. once a week.

Looking for a fulltime Hairstlist for booth rental. Experience and some clients of their own needed! Tired of chemicals and sprays this is your Salon. Also its quiet and your business is yours! Tired of being Micro managed this is your place to be. Quite atmosphere too.

New to the Cosmetology business we offer employee Hairstylist base jobs too and Salon training to get you started as an assistant and on the floor with your own clientele.


Call the owner at 303-870-6728 Kristen

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