Organic coconut oil remedies

This is the best thing to have in your house, kitchen and bathrooms!  It make a great moisturizer for your skin and hair.   I use it as lotion for my skin after getting out of the shower.  You can use it on your hair as a deep conditioner.  Ive even had clients who get dematitis on their scalp or face and it clears up dry skin!  This is the best thing out there and there’s absolutly no harsh chemicals.  I developed an allergy to Mary kay eye make up remover Ive used for years.  I had dry scales on my eyelids and even had to see my eye Doctor.  He told me it was an allergy to cosmetics and to use cortisone cream over the counter to get rid of it.  I changed to using coconut oil for my eyes makeup remover and it vanished.    It is an amazing product but I must stress it has to be organic!  It also is an anti fungal remedy that can be used for athletes foot or even toenail fungus.  I also use it for cooking because its a healthy fat.  Remember our skin is the biggest organ and everything we put on it goes straight to our bloodstream. Mind body and soul!  Take care of you and get rid of manufactured chemicals.


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