I opened Kolour Hair Design in Parker, Colorado the year of 2007 I had a vision of becoming one of the first Natural Eco-friendly Salons in Parker area.  I always out weigh the health of our clients and our Stylists to determine the best products we use or sell in the Salon.  I personally developed  allergies/asthma and my health was really suffering being around all of the chemicals Salons have everyday. My Salon is a very clean air environment for people like me who have sensitivities.  We need to stick together in making our world a better place to live and breath.  I focus on retail product lines that are better healthier choices without all the chemicals like sulfites, plastics and petroleum based free products.   I take the time to research retail products I put on the shelf ensuring that they are a better healthier choice and that are Eco friendly.  So to all of you who suffer as well from allergies this is your place to come in and relax to not suffer when you leave.  We are Aerosol free due to the Ether in aerosol which is a deadly poison.  We also are Latex rubber free due many that suffer from severe latex allergies which the numbers are climbing.  We don’t do any Keratin Smoothing systems for hair straightening because it puts out formaldehyde smoke in the air which is know to cause Lung cancer. Some of the services Salons are creating are really big health concerns and society seems to think its okay everybody is doing it right? Not really so I am here for you to ensure safer products and services to live longer healthier lives.  Kolour Hair Design is where color is our Specialty so please come in and try our Eco friendly color.  It’s very gentle, vibrant and covers grey 100% and promotes the integrity, health and beauty of the hair.  There are literally no Volatile gases, waxes, artificial gelling agents, synthetic fragrances or cream thickeners.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Kristen Key  (Repp) 303-870-6728 direct

Master Stylist/Owner